Cedar Ridge Preserve

Worth the short 30 minute drive south of Dallas

Cedar Ridge Preserve


Overall this run is like taking a mini vacation out of Dallas. The terrain itself feels more like a hill country run, and the incline definitely feels like you’re not in North Texas anymore. Lace up and get out to Cedar Ridge Preserve as soon as possible. You won’t regret it!


PATH: The path is an unpaved natural path with rocks, roots, and everything in between wear sturdy shoes

WHAT TO EXPECT: You’ll see lots of hikers and a few scattered joggers along the trail. There are various trail options differing in difficulty. You can run your heart out here without going over the same path twice. There are said to be 9 miles worth of trails, although we only traveled about 3 miles worth.



MAP IT: 7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75249
DETAILS:(972) 709-7784 Hours: Closed Mondays, Tues-Sun: 6:30 am – 8:30 pm
PARKING: Plenty of free parking along park road and inside park grounds


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Jog Blog is:To bring people together through our shared love of running. To encourage each other to reach our goals both on the trail and off. To bring the joy of running a new trail to anyone, anywhere through pure uncut POV video.


POV Experience

I thought what better way to chronicle runs than to record the trails from a point of view angle that only the Go Pro Hero camera can provide. I hope these videos make it easier for runners to research new trails and also bring the outdoors indoors for people who may be home bound.

Runner’s Oath

“On my honor I will do my best To be a better runner; To watch for cars, and increase my mileage gradually; To run in the rain, without boast or complaint; To not go out way too fast; To eat right, listen to my body, and one of these days, volunteer at a race” -from, www.DRRunner.Wordpress.com